Destin has some of the most exciting diving along the Gulf Coast. Numerous natural limestone rock reefs are just minutes off of the beach. The ledges are covered in hard and soft corals, sponges and sea whips. These reefs are home to tropical fish and game fish including amberjack, grouper, snapper, flounder and trigger (just to name a few). Most of these reefs lie in 80 feet of water.

Destin also has some exciting wreck dives. These wrecks get literally covered up with baitfish in the warm summer water. Tug boats, barges, liberty ships and landing crafts are just some of the offshore wrecks. Most of these lie in 55 to 120 feet of water.

Diver requirements:

  • Be an open water diver - or higher level of certification
  • Have logged a dive within the past year - or hire a Divemaster to be your buddy
  • Have experience at 60-90ft. (for the 4 hr. trip) or you can hire a Divemaster
  • Have experience at 30-50ft. (for the 3 hr. trip) or you can hire a Divemaster
  • Have a timing device - computers are preferred (available for rent)
  • Have alternate air source/octopus (you can rent this too!)


3 HOUR TRIP (1 dive)

For divers wanting a shallower dive OR the perfect trip for the whole family... scuba, snorkel, swim, sunbathe or just take in the beautiful scenery. It's fun for everyone!

Divers/Riders - $65 charter fee OR $140 package including ALL the equipment.

Discover Scuba Divers - $125 includes your Instructor, boat trip and all the gear.

We run a shallow trip to the Destin Jetties, offering divers more bottom time at shallower depths. We drop anchor in 8 to 10 feet of water - then you’re off!

Swim with thousands of fish, crabs, shells, and other exciting marine life that call this place home. Depths down to a max of 55 feet - making it great for divers, snorkelers, swimmers or first time divers (check out Discover Scuba).

Dive from the Aquanaut (as seen on Jaws II) or the Down Under. Both are crewed by USCG Captains with years of experience on Destin waters.


4 HOUR TRIP ( 2 dives)

For divers wanting to explore the reefs and wrecks off Destin...

Divers - $90 charter fee OR $175 package including ALL the equipment

Your first dive will be on a natural limestone reef in 85 feet of water. After an hour surface interval, you can check out one of the wrecks in 55 to 65 feet of water. Average viz is usually between 30 and 50 feet and you’ll see lots of game fish - like grouper, snapper, flounder, amberjack, shells, tropical fish and other marine life.

If you have’nt been down 85 feet before, don’t worry, you can hire a local Divemaster to be your buddy.